Hello, I’m Chris Burgess,

Welcome to The Real Chris Burgess website.

On my website you’ll find helpful tips, advice and exercises to help you live the happy and healthy life you deserve.

I will be your guide. I’m passionate to share all my knowledge and experience of health and healing through many healing systems including: Qi Gong, Emotional Freedom Technique, NLP and Hypnosis and many other energy healing systems.


My programmes are based on the amalgamation of my years of work and studies and involve using a unique cutting edge healing protocol called Thee Source.

The process involves bypassing the symptoms to identify the real cause of the pain, suppressed emotions are released and neural pathways rewired.

Our mind/body system moves from a state of fight or flight to rest and repair, our chronic symptoms dissolve and we reach a state of balance and harmony.

This work is powerful and life changing. Not only is it successful for riding my clients of long held pain, but they acquire a whole new zest for life.

I invite you to comment below to let me know you’re here and on your own healing journey.

Please ask me questions about your health issue and I’ll create videos and blog posts to help you find the answers you need.

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