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Whatever your health issue, there is hope. You can live pain free for the rest of your life.

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In this beginner’s course, I will introduce you to 8 simple movements to guide vital energy around the body in order to balance health and prevent illness.

As you become familiar with Qi Gong (pronounced chee gung) you will see how easy it is to practise the slow, flowing movements, meditation and breathing exercises.

And you will understand why this ancient healing practise, used for thousands of years in the east, is becoming as popular in the west as yoga and tai chi.

As I guide you, explaining and demonstrating each of the movements, you will learn how to:

Release chronic pain

Enjoy Deep Sleep

Relieve Stress

Master Mental Health

Strengthen Immune System

Boost Energy Levels

And Much More...

You can adapt the gentle flowing movements of Qi Gong to fit any fitness level and the low-impact movements are easy on your joints.

And you’ll be delighted to hear that research has shown that these ancient healing practises can help lower blood pressure, drop cholesterol levels and lower your chances of heart disease.

Do the movements at your own pace and in your own space. No need for expensive equipment or gym memberships.

Use the whole programme daily or just select the movements that you need.

Reclaim your vibrantly healthy, happy life

An Introduction to Qi Gong

Online Course
£ 47
  • Detailed Videos
  • In-depth Explanations
  • Personal Demonstrations
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I'm Chris Burgess

My students call me a wizard!

I’m a healer, speaker and Qi Gong practitioner of many decades.

My biggest passion in life is helping people in pain, find ease. As an infectiously optimistic octogenarian, I certainly ‘walk my talk’.

Together we are going to help you reclaim your vibrant, healthy, happy life.

What My Clients​​ Say about Me

A wonderful man with an amazing gift for healing, would recommend Chris for all that you need; Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually, and a truly Beautiful Soul
Ollie Wainwright
Can't thank Chris enough for helping me overcome my fears and trauma. It's good to talk about being a man, we all suffer in silence!
David Crawley
Feeling emotional. Thank you Chris Burgess for taking pain away and learning about the wheel of life. I'm going to put myself and my health first.
Natalie Jane


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No. Just wear comfortable clothes and give yourself some space. You can practise Qi Gong indoors, outdoors, on your own or with family and friends.

Yes. The gentle flowing movements are easy on your joints and you can do them seated or in a wheelchair, if needed.

You’ll have access to An Introduction to Qi Gong for 12 months, PLUS you’ll be able to download the video and keep it FOREVER!

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