I’m Chris, dedicated to helping you heal yourself.

About You

I’m guessing you’re here via word of mouth (someone mentioned my name and shared their healing story), that’s how most people find me.

Or, maybe you saw me speak at an event and were intrigued to find out more.

Or you stumbled upon my website whilst looking for some health advice online.

However you got here, I’m glad you did. I’m here to serve you. I created this site because I’m passionate to share incredible resources and ideas to transform your health and change your life.

Whether you’re just starting your healing journey and need some pointers or you’re ready to totally transform your life, I’m here to help you reach the highest levels of health and tap into the deepest wisdom within you.




About Me

A born and bred Liverpool lad with nothing more than passion, curiosity and determination, I’m proud to have touched so many lives along my healing journey.

Through my articles, workshops, events and healing programmes, I help people like you transform their health and change their lives.

One of the things I’m often asked is…

“How on earth did you get started in all this?”

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been insatiably curious about human potential.

Even as a child, I wanted to know what exactly is it that makes people happy. Why do some people struggle while others thrive, despite extremely challenging circumstances?

From the age of ten I practised Judo and developed a deep understanding and interest in intuition and spirituality, reading everything I could get my hands on {a habit I’ve never stopped}.

As a teenager I worked with electronics, an industry accepting the existence of electromagnetic fields (even though they could not be seen) and this could convert into different forms of energy.

I discovered that problems which appeared to exist could be traced back to a single component.

The symptoms were not the problem, the root cause was.

In my twenties I visited all the spiritual churches in Liverpool, studying psychic healing and astral plane travel.

The more knowledge I acquired, the more I needed to know. I was inspired to study energy therapy, yoga and meditation.

In the 1980s Qigong was introduced from China. I studied under Master Michael Tse (one of the most well-known teachers of Qigong, Chinese Martial Arts and Chinese culture in the west) and developed an understanding of the many forms of Energy Healing passed down from generation to generation.

This quest for answers led me to study more and more and has fulled my voracious need to learn ever since and I …

Am now a specialist in Qigong (pronounced Chee Gung) an ancient and yet modern method of energy therapy a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Hold a Master Diploma in clinical hypnotherapy, and Advanced Diploma in Corporate Stress Management and am a practitioner of EFT and NLP.

Have been a member of the British Institute of Hypnotherapy and NLP, EFT International, EFQM and the NHS Directory of Alternative & Complementary Practitioners.

All this passion, determination and hard work has lead me to some wonderful milestones, including:

  • Being one of the countries leading practitioners of Energy Therapy with over 50 years of experience in the field of psychological and physical well-being.
  • I was invited by Dr Carl Williams and Dr Di Dutton to have my work studied and the resulting research presented at the world’s first international conference on Health, Mental Health and Exceptional Human Experiences.
  • This research of my work was then published by Routledge, the world’s leading academic publisher in their psychological journal.

I’m so honoured and grateful to have met and studied with so many masters of their craft and I continue learning new things every day to expand my own ideas about what it means to live a happy and vibrant life.

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Health really is our greatest wealth.
I’m living proof of that and I want you to be too.

AND you don’t have to do it all by yourself!

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