The last thing you want to hear if you’re experiencing emotional stress is somebody saying .. It’s all in the mind.

When you are suffering from mental anguish you want a solution, a way of escaping feelings affecting every part of your life both at work and at home.

Your problems can be resolved when you are shown how to remove them – and that’s were I come in, pointing you in the right direction.

I’ll guide you through a process known as “The Source”. It is a great way of eliminating your psychological and physical problems, no matter how big they seem. It doesn’t matter how long you have struggled with them. There are no limits to your happiness and wellbeing, once you know how to eliminate your anguish.

Remember, you don’t have to suffer psychological and emotional pain: I will show you how to remove the pain to enjoy a happy life.

Despite the stresses and strains of life in the 21st century there’s nothing new about mental anguish and stress. The psychology of stress and its physical effects on the body have been studied for centuries.

Stress is perceived in the mind, Suffered in the human spirit, Experienced via the emotions, Expressed in behaviour, and “held” in the body.

Picture a young child in its mother’s arms. It sees a bright red colour which happens to be a hotplate on the kitchen cooker. The child touches the hot plate, the immediate reaction is to pull back its hand and cry because it hurts. The brain stores that emotion as pain and fear; this creates a memory at cellular level as well as the physiological and emotional levels, and those memories are stored in the body. If the child fails to understand the pain and fear was caused by a hot plate, the child would go through life afraid of anything red in colour. In other words the fear is locked into the body and becomes a Phobic reaction.

A female client asked me if I could do anything for a frozen shoulder, a problem she has suffered for 16 years. During our investigation it was clear she had suffered shock 16 years ago. Now she had the answer to her problem, the psychological and emotional energy of the shock had lodged in the shoulder.

We cleared the emotional blockage in her shoulder. It took just 20 minutes and her shoulder problem disappeared.

It has been said: No state of mind can be more real than the mind itself.

It poses the question … is the mind real? Intellectuals and scholars have argued over this for centuries.

Your experience is your current reality, it does not matter if your perceptions are your reality; the emotions the mind creates are the driving force of the body.

They can create fear panic, or peace, happiness and love.

What is important to you is finding a way of finally parting company with any mental anguish that has been affecting your life for far too long.

I can help guide you on that journey.