Chris Burgess

Chris has helped business executives and their staff to optimise their energy levels and achieve their personal and business successes.

He has founded, developed and managed a number of successful businesses over the past 40-plus years. For many years Chris has worked across a broad business spectrum providing strategic planning, change management and business development. He is an Assessor for The European Federation of Quality Management EFQM and PQUASSO for analysis of not for profit and the voluntary sector of business.

Chris has produced papers for Local Authorities the European Secretariat, the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and Universities on business development and business communication matters.He has worked with The Princes Trust, The Shaw Trust, LA Film productions, International Passport Office Adult Dyslexia Foundation, and numerous small businesses and charities.

Chris discovered the underlying problem was the high levels of stress of the individuals in all these organisations.  this stress affected the performance both as individuals and the companies as a whole.

Chris is one of the countries leading practitioners of Energy Therapy with over 50 years of experience in the field of psychological and physical well-being and is part of the NHS Directory of Alternative & Complementary Practitioners. Chris’s advice is sought Nationally and Internationally in helping people to solve their problems, relieve their stress and reach their true personal potential and success in life and business .

His work was presented at the Worlds first International conference on “Health, Mental Health and Exceptional Human Experiences” held at Liverpool Hope University 7th September 2009.  This  study of Chris and his  work was carried out by Dr. Carl Williams and Dr Di Dutton and presented under the title”Excerpts of Inter-corporeality”: “A phenomenological exploration of energy healing “this research was published in Routledge the psychological journal.

He has a Master Diploma in clinical hypnotherapy, an Advanced Diploma in Corporate Stress Management; NVQ 4 in Business Counseling ; He is an Emotional Freedom Practitioner (EFT),a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) and a Qigong Practitioner.

Chris is a specialist in Qigong (pronounced Chee Gung) an ancient and yet modern method of energy therapy  a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMP),  he uses the forms of energy therapy that you need to overcome your fears, and Phobias,  proven to help remove pain and physical problems.

Chris utilises the latest techniques to get to the bottom of problems quickly, and explains the reasons for the client’s physical or psychological difficulties.  A pragmatic explanation of the cause of the client’s distress is given and an explanation how these techniques remove the clients problems for good.

The symptoms are not the problem, the root cause is.


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  1. Dear Chris,
    Very impressed with your new site, and love the case studies. A couple of video clips of you in action might help, because I know what you do not only works, but is quick when it can be, thorough if it has to to take longer! Love & Light, Jack.

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