Are you suffering from physical or emotional pain?

Stress: It’s become a world pandemic – so should we just grin and bear it? It would be easy for most if we could, but when you examine the potential physical symptoms of stress on our health and wellbeing, it’s not so easy.

Stress is the response from both mind and body to any pressure that disrupts life’s normal patterns. It creates an imbalance and occurs when our perceptions of any events do not meet our expectations. This leaves you unable to manage or suppress your reaction.

An individual’s response to stress can express itself as resistance, tension, strain or frustration, all capable of throwing you off your physiological and psychological equilibrium. If your equilibrium is disturbed for a prolonged period, the stress can become disabling and create numerous health problems.

Many people attempt to cope with stress in an unhealthy way; drinking alcohol, or substance misuse, are just two quick fix remedies that invariably fail. It means many people resign themselves to thinking it’s “just the way it is” and there is nothing we can do about it.

The good news is those people are wrong: you can do something about it, and in the bargain you can increase your wellbeing and the quality of your life. Chris Burgess specialises in providing the methods, means and individual techniques to eliminate your problems.

Chris Burgess has been practicing the arts of Qi Gong and Acupressure for over 30 years and in that time has helped thousands of people to free themselves from emotional and physical pain.

Through the application of the ancient Chinese art of QiGong (pronounced Chi Gung), Chris Burgess can effectively relieve the symptoms of common ailments such as PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), claustrophobia, Bulimia and other eating disorders, fear of flying and other common fears and phobias, as well as stress and depression.

Qi Gong can also be used to treat the effects of physical pain, arthritis and back pain.

Qi Gong = Energy Work

You can heal yourself!


Chris Burgess is committed to the following ideals:

  • Providing pragmatic and effective stress reducing solutions
  • Being totally client and results focused
  • Creating constructive and positive individual solutions to stress related problems
  • Promoting and providing the individual with specific tools for self development wellbeing and success

Chris will address the issues affecting your life and well-being, and through the use the the Qi Gong, Chris Burgess will show you how to manage common conditions such as fears, phobia and physical pain.

QiGong is a formulated set of movements coordinated with the breath, which induces and guides the vital energy ‘Qi’ through and around the body.

Over 7,000 years in the making!

QiGong has been around for approximately 7,000 years, and was originally devised by Daoist Monks because of their sedentary lives and extensive meditations.

The nearest interpretation of the word ‘QiGong’ in broad terms is:
QI = Energy (this is depicted by the Chinese symbol for steam), and
GONG = Work.
So, placed together, the word QiGong means ‘working with energy’.

Thee Source

THEE SOURCE is an approach created from the desire to equip people with a range of skills to help them become more effective both in their personal life and in business.

The Chakras

The sole purpose of THEE SOURCE is to awaken the innate natural ability and power for you as an individual to achieve your MAXIMUM HAPPINESS and well being.

The theme is the power of ‘Thee’, all energy and EMOTIONAL WELLBEING is in your hands, we return this to you now in real time.

THEE SOURCE approach was created from many years of studying people and helping them remove their problems physical, psychological and spiritual.

To achieve this we focus firmly on the individual clients and their needs, one size does not fit all. The need of the client is analysed and the appropriate method most suited to them is communicated to them; their current problems physical, emotional and spiritual are removed now, not tomorrow, now.

The stress reduction work is designed to meet your specific needs and requirements and has been proven to be significant in the promotion of personal and business wellbeing for organisations, teams and individuals.

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Long-term pain due to old injuries

I have consulted Chris Burgess for back pain, and for stress management. I found that his unique approach put me at ease, and helped me to immediately tackle the negative issues in my life. The therapy was a tremendous help with the physical manifestations of pain, and the stress management put the entire matter into perspective, enabling me to deal with it effectively. Such reduction of emotional stress and negative energy is essential for anyone operating in today’s fast-pace business world.

It is my great pleasure to personally recommend Chris Burgess unreservedly to anyone considering such therapy.

Shirley Roberts
President Simba International Inc. Lake Mary Florida, USA

Long-term depression

Following a very traumatic time in my life leading to stress and depression and the feeling of being unable to cope with every day living and job pressures. I had undergone extensive therapy treatment with 6 different councillors over a period of 4 years and had no relief from my depression. After 1 session of energy stress relief therapy with Chris it eliminated all my emotional problems and anxieties. I admit I was very skeptical at first, but six months after his treatment I feel so well, calmer, focused and so full of energy it’s hard to believe. I would recommend this treatment to anybody.

Marion Wood
Senior Consultant Lancashire England

Fear of Public Speaking

While being extremely successful in my profession as an IP lawyer I had a problem with public speaking to both medium and large sized audiences. This problem had existed for many years and restricted the growth of my practice.

After one session with Chris he identified the core problem and eliminated the symptom of dread completely. I now look forward to speaking at seminars rather than avoiding them.

I highly recommend Chris and his method of stress control to any one with a long-term anxiety problem.

Mark Shipley
MD Shipley Solicitors Ltd Merseyside England


About 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and have found the condition to have debilitating consequences. I researched many avenues to overcome the pain associated with the condition but nothing has been as effective as the treatment offered by Chris. I have had surgery, pain management, acupuncture, aromatherapy, massage and a whole host of other treatments, all of them bringing some relief, but not offering a long term solution.

In the summer of 2006 I underwent a series of treatment with Chris and can report that within a week I noticed a difference. Since then I have been experiencing less and less symptoms. I can cope with the condition so much better and I am enjoying having my energy levels returned to normal and six months later I can report that I feel like a new woman.

The EFT therapy that Chris employs is a non-invasive, relaxing experience and the after care is second to none.

Heather Bestel
Psychotherapist & Stress Management Consultant Scotland

Post-traumatic stress disorder

I had been terrified of flying for 40 years due to being involved in a plane crash while in the army, I also had chronic neck pain for some 30 years due to motorcycle accident. I was amazed that both of these problems where totally eliminated. I can now fly to Florida to see my daughter and am completely free from pain, thanks Chris.

Idwal Jones
Past President National Association of Police Officers England


I had a real phobic response around horses that heightened when seeing them placed in horseboxes. This was extremely painful to me as my daughter relied on me to take her to compete at equestrian meetings. I now have no fear and can ride with them in the horsebox.

Helen Senior
Health Consultant Sefton

Agoraphobia/Panic attacks

I had panic attacks about driving in heavy traffic areas, especially roads with no central reservation and motorways. After one session of energy therapy I drove on the motorway and roads with no central barriers, with ease and comfort. I would have normally avoided them like the plague. That convinced me!

B Smith, MD Train the Trainers

Chronic pain

I had severe arthritic pain in the hip joints for several years. The pain killing tablets had been increased in dosage and where becoming less and lass effective. After one session of energy therapy with Chris my arthritic pain disappeared and has not returned. I have now had 18 months free from pain. I highly recommend this method of therapy to any one suffering from chronic pain.

Al Jarvis
MD GMTFM Ltd Liverpool

Chronic Stress

I consulted Chris because of my extremely high blood pressure and stress related problems, headaches, anxiety, anger, etc. My blood pressure is now normal my level of anxiety is now non-existent I don’t get the headaches and I can sleep, I am no longer MR Angry.

I highly recommend Chris and this form of therapy for any stressed business executive.

John Lister
MD RTB Ltd Liverpool


After spending a couple of hours on the beach, skimming stones with my daughter, I woke the following morning with a pain in my upper arm and shoulder. This, I presumed, was due to the previous day’s activities and further presumed it would go after a couple more days. Two month’s later it was still there. It was actually no better at all and being a typical man I had decided not to go to the doctor.

I spoke to Chris Burgess about it and following a very brief and totally non-invasive session of tapping and affirmations (apparently called EFT) the pain had gone!

Chris checked back with me a few weeks later and the pain and discomfort was still absent. It’s some months later now and I’m confident in saying that it won’t return.

I don’t claim to understand how EFT worked on me, I was simply glad that it did. I highly recommend Chris for his methods and manner of working. Thank you.

Peter Best
Business Consultant


My claustrophobic condition was worsening to the point that I was afraid to enter the glass vestibule at the rear of my house. This condition had been with me from the age of six, I am at the time of writing 48 years of age. After one brief session with Chris I chose to enter a cupboard under the stairs and lock myself in. I had no feeling of panic or concern of any kind.

Now 6 months later I am still free of this long standing Phobia. I most sincerely thank Chris and recommend this emotional energy therapy to any one suffering from a Phobic fear.

Mel Jones
Senior Care Worker Southport

Frozen shoulder

I had suffered with a Frozen Shoulder for 17 years. The doctors had been unable to help remove this problem; I had had a series of interventions including cortisol injections. The condition remained extremely painful and I had difficulty in sleeping due to the pain. Chris was in the office and had just finished treating a colleague for anxiety when I asked him could he do anything for a frozen shoulder. To my amazement he cleared the problem in 20 minutes and now after 9 months its still flexible and free from pain.

I was cynical, I am not now, I don’t know how he does it, and I can really recommend the therapy if you can call it that it was so quick.

Sylvia Jones
Cleaner Liverpool

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

I was involved in an accident on the motorway when a tyre on my car had a blow out when overtaking in the fast lane. The car travelled across the three lanes up an embankment then rolled over several times coming to rest back onto the motorway.

This occurred 12 years a go and since that time I had suffered panic attacks and my leg locking and being unable to press on the accelerator. I was unable to use the motorways and had difficulty overtaking vehicles on the normal roads. Since being helped by Chris, (he said it was a form of post-traumatic stress disorder); I am now able to travel on the motorway and have had no recurrence of the problems.

I can highly recommend this treatment.

Mike Lockwood
Managing Director BCL Limited Lancashire

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Qi Gong can be practised by anyone, anywhere; and will help to alleviate the symptoms of stress, phobias and physical pains.